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This two-hour online seminar will break down the process of hiring in the competitive industry of episodic television. 


Format: Live Zoom Workshop

& Recording will be Provided

Tuition: $100

In this session, participants will learn:

  • The structure of today's episodic television landscape (post-strike edition)

  • The different between the studio and the network

  • A breakdown of the power players at the studio and networks

  • About hierarchy & the power holders on a show from Executive Producers to Showrunner

  • The hiring practices for guest directors for television

  • The proven pathways directors to "break in" to episodic directing pre-strike

  • Research and preparation for industry meetings called "generals"

  • What questions a director may be asked in a directing / show meeting

  • How to build your brand and online presence

  • What makes compelling works samples

  • Specifications and industry preferences for reels

  • How to curate life stories to curate elevator pitches and intros for meetings

  • Best practices for networking and building relationships

  • Learn about the Directors Guild of America (DGA) creative rights & benefits

  • How to determine when it's the best time for a director to go DGA

For more information, please email

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