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Parallel Lines


This intensive seminar will share a creative and effective directors prep process for film and episodic television. 

Date: TBD

Time: 3 hours

Format: Live Zoom Workshop

In this session participants will learn:

  • The role of the director in scripted film and television projects

  • How to do research and find visual references for lookbook

  • The Director - DP relationship in designing the visuals

  • Prep process for scripted projects: scouts, blocking, floor plans & shot lists

  • Digital tools for a paperless prep process 

  • Breaking down a script using Scriptation

  • Creative and effective blocking using Keynote

  • Best practices for scouting and searching for locations

  • Collaboration with Showrunners, key dept heads and the crew

  • For the TV directors: navigating power dynamics as a guest director

  • For the TV directors: How to bring your artistic vision to a show

  • Tips for directing actors and navigating on-set challenges

  • Scene prep examples that will include: a baby birth, an action sequence, dance sequence

  • Scene prep for scenes with special circumstances: working with live animals, animal puppets

  • Scene prep examples that include storyboards for vfx heavy scenes


For more information, please email

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