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What's does this post-strike and new year have in store for you and your career? Do your materials need a refresh? Are you looking to pivot and kickstart a new career? This session will share how to best present your work on websites, on social media, in your bio & reels to tell your story as a director & creative.

Have you ever gotten honest feedback on your work?  Now is the time.

In this session participants will learn:

  • How to launch, relaunch or pivot to kickstart your career in the new year

  • What industry tastemakers are looking for when they hire talent

  • The different types of resumes, credit lists & CV formats & why they matter

  • The way that your online presence tells a story about you & your work

  • How a bio can tell so much more than your facts and accomplishments

  • The art and craft of a Director's Reel that showcases your talent & skill

  • The difference between a montage reel and what today’s execs prefer

  • How to curate your online profile to show your style of storytelling

  • To curate your web and social media presence to have a positive impact

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