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This 2.5 hour intensive will break down the infamous general meetings and directing hiring meetings for episodic TV. All participants will engage in brainstorming and writing exercises and will watch mock meetings, just as they are held on Zoom for current industry meetings. This class is perfect for any creative who must engage tastemakers in hiring meetings. 

In this session participants will learn:

  • How to make a good impression on executives & industry power players

  • Ways to get executives to lean in and ask deeper questions about you and your craft

  • The questions directors, writers and creatives are asked in general meetings

  • The questions most often asked of directors in hiring meetings for episodic TV

  • How to be engaging, interesting to get traction from your meetings

  • How to do research on the industry executives you'll be meeting

  • To utilize some tips and tricks for nailing meetings happening on Zoom and videoconferencing

  • To craft a personalized pitch, curated from your life & career and nail that meeting!

  • To develop a pitch, practice it in this session and get live feedback - for the FIRST TEN who enroll!

If you are interested in learning the tools & techniques offered in this course, sign up for coaching.

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