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This 8-week online seminar will teach directors a story idea from script to screen in this guided directing craft intensive course.


The current session is full.

Email to inquire about the next session


Topics & order of classes are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.

Week 1: Sunday, June 4 from 10A - 1P PST

The role of the director in the short film.

Table Read: 10 page excerpts of scripts

 Homework: Revise your script, determine your shooting dates

Week 2: Sunday, June 11 from 10A - 1P PST

Director Voice & Vision: Do research, develop look and style (create look book and gather visual references

Homework: Start your project KEYNOTE for prep and Screen Directing exercises (using cell phone app)

Week 3: Sunday, June 18 from 10A - 1P PST

Pre-production Process: Script breakdown, tips for location scouts, casting process and hiring your team

Homework: Dig into your director's prep process.

Week 4: Sunday, June 25 from 10A - 1P PST

Director's Prep Process: shot listing, storyboarding, blocking and planning using Keynote for prep

Creative collaborations with Dept Heads: develop clear communication with your team working in art, props, wardrobe, hair, makeup, DP, camera, stunts, choreographer, sfx, vfx. stunt coordinator, intimacy coordinator and other key areas

Homework: hire your team, start dept meetings with creative collaborators

No class meeting will be held on Sunday, July 2.

Week 5: Sunday, July 9 from 10A - 1P PST

Visual Pre-production and deeper director's prep and how to work with your DP and AD to make it happen

Homework: Director's prep materials - blocking, shot list, blocking using Keynote 

Week 6: July 16 from 10A - 1P PST

Prep for Set: directing actors, working with your crew and navigating set decisions and other production issues

Homework: Director's prep materials - blocking, shot list, storyboard and Advance your Look book (casting, wardrobe, hmu looks, etc)

Plan your shoot and film a least a scene!

Week 7: July 23 from 10A - 1P PST

Navigating Post-Production: how to do great notes for Editor's Cut, process of editing (assembly, rough cut & picture loc cuts)


Week 8: July 30 from 10A - 1P PST

Share Your Work: screen selective dailies or cuts of scenes and share your lessons learned from on-set directing (if you've shot)

Discussion of film festival strategy, types of festival, distribution plan and how to gain traction and maximize exposure w/ this short

Bonus Finale Session: 1:1 Office Hours

Each director gets one, individual one-on-hour office hour meeting as part of the final class session.

This date can happen in August or September 2023, depending on when director shoots, edits & when will be most useful.


For more information, please email

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