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A course for directors and writers who intend to apply for the studio pipeline programs, fellowships, funding and other program applications.



This session covers the following topics:

  • How to craft a compelling application that shares who you are as a director, what you bring & why you for the program

  • Ways to conjure stories and write a strong personal statement that shares your voice and communicates your vision

  • Free brainstorming and writing techniques to help you tailor your applications for each program you apply for

  • How to organize and craft a bio that pops and organize and format your resume into professional credits style pdf

  • Techniques to get executives to lean in and ask deeper questions about you and why you to tell this story 

  • Tactics to get the selection committee to lean in and ask deeper questions about you and why you to for this program 

  • View examples of compelling professional/personal statements, bios and other application materials

  • Tips for the finalist interviews, which are similar to generals and that can feel very awkward unless you prepare

  • Q&A with director Shanrica Evans (Disney DGE Directing Fellow 2022-23 and directed an episode of THE CHI. 


See this list of STUDIO DIRECTING PROGRAMS for the types of programs this course will use as a model for your materials.

Please note that the DISNEY CTDI DIRECTING PROGRAM opens June 12 & the RYAN MURPHY HALF INITIATIVE for DIRECTORS will open their next round of applications in June of 2023. Also, see this list of WRITING PROGRAMS.

For more information, about the instructor Dr. Rachel Raimist please read her bio here.

Write "RECORDING OF NAIL THAT APP" in the course name field
If you have any questions please contact us or email
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